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What is AERO-Canada?

AERO-Canada is designed to be the best aerospace company capabilities database in the world. Its unique 'architecture' and industry-standard 'descriptors' allow Canadian aerospace companies to enter detailed information about their products / services so that prospective customers, partners, investors, and others can readily and reliably find them. Each company's information covers "Establishment / Capabilities / Qualifications / Profile / Contact Info", to give a full and accurate picture of the company. AERO-Canada is designed to be the complete, current and comprehensive database of Canadian aerospace company capabilities.

What is the objective of AERO-Canada?

AERO-Canada is designed to provide a single window illuminating Canada's aerospace industry capabilities. It allows potential buyers easy access to the right information to determine which companies can meet their needs. Experience in recent years has demonstrated that primes and systems integrators are increasingly seeking specific capabilities, technologies and processes that are rarely identified in traditional databases or that are searchable, even through advanced search functions.

What is the difference between other Canadian / provincial databases and AERO-Canada?

AERO-Canada will serve as the main /core 'data pool' for information on Canadian aerospace companies. This will allow one set of information to be gathered and kept in a single 'data pool', which in turn will serve multiple databases such as SourceCan, Canadian Company Capabilities or national and provincial association databases. Associations can download the AERO-Canada information specific to their membership or province, and present it seamlessly as the association's own database.

One-time registration, one database to update

Who is responsible for AERO-Canada?

AERO-Canada is the result of a national initiative undertaken by representatives from Canada's national and provincial aerospace associations, in cooperation with Industry Canada. Together, they act as the Steering Committee for this initiative. The importance of AERO-Canada was strongly endorsed by the Canadian Aerospace Partnership (CAP) as a key element for the development of the Canadian aerospace industry, as a means of promoting Canadian capabilities abroad, and of acquiring and disseminating knowledge about our industry.

How was AERO-Canada developed?

The design of AERO-Canada is the result of thorough research and development efforts on the part of representatives of Canada's national and provincial / regional aerospace associations and Industry Canada to ensure that the very best in terms of hierarchical structure, nomenclature and search mechanisms were adopted. While no existing capabilities database was satisfactory, the very best features of Canadian Company Capabilities, SourceCan, UNSPSC, EU Common Procurement, NAICS, Jane's, WAD, JASC Codes (derived from ATA 100), were examined and adopted / adapted.

Industry Focus Groups were held with international and domestic buyers as well as key OEMs and systems integrators in Canada to validate the unique AERO-Canada design.

Why should Canadian aerospace companies register on AERO-Canada?

AERO-Canada is the window that illuminates Canada's aerospace industry capabilities, and allows buyers, partners, investors and others to find and learn about Canada's excellent aerospace companies.

What do I need to do to be included in AERO-Canada?

First, complete your company listing (for Phase I areas). Phase I of AERO-Canada focuses on Canadian companies that are involved directly in manufacturing of aircraft, aircraft structures, and aircraft systems and equipment. Over time, AERO-Canada will be developed to encompass a broader cross-section of the industry, including Space, MRO, Defence (airborne), and more.

Basic information on over 500 Canadian aerospace companies has been pre-listed in AERO-Canada. However, this information will be 'live' on AERO-Canada only if they are in Phase I and only when they have completed and validated their own company listing.

What are the benefits of AERO-Canada?

AERO-Canada benefits all users in the Canadian aerospace industry, in provincial and national industry associations and in governments at all levels. Beyond being an effective marketing tool, it will provide up-to-date knowledge of Canadian capabilities, encourage partnering and cluster development and the development of new capabilities, and will facilitate investment prospecting.

For more information about AERO-Canada: the Canadian Aerospace Capabilities Database, please contact your provincial aerospace association representative, or send an email to the Aero-Canada Information Center, information@aero-canada.com, or Rod Jones, OAC, (519-895-2442), rjones@ontaero.org

AERO-Canada is your door to global opportunities.
Seize this excellent opportunity to show your capabilites to the world.

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